Hi Sweet Things,


Let us introduce ourselves, we are Nicole and April Hughes, the sisters behind Hughsie.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is, “Isn’t it hard to work with your sister?!” and our answer is simple, “No!”  

Anyone who knows us personally knows that we chose to do as many things as possible together.  We have lived and travelled abroad, we share clothes,  makeup and even the same food allergies. 

We are always on the hunt for the hottest pieces that are unique and affordable and when it came to jewellery, we just could not find exactly what we were looking for. It only made sense that we combine our similar and yet different style ascetics together to create something that is truly us.

Hughsie is for anyone who wants one of a kind. Every pair is handcrafted and unique.  These earrings are not your average stud or dangle, they are inspired by our desire to wear something different, something that will set you apart from your friends.

Our ranges offer a variety of styles and colours. Go from desk job to date, wear a statement dangle with your black on black outfit, sparkle all night at the party. 

Needing something that can be customized is important to us, and we came up with Hughsie for that purpose. Join us in being your own jewellery designer by ordering a creation of your own. 

xoxo n + a